Learn more about Brazilian Portuguese

If you have a conversation with someone who lives in another country, you will see that this person does not speak like we Brazilians do. We have our way to say some words and this makes our language amazing.


This is not a common thing in other countries and that is why a lot of people pay attention when we are speaking. Besides our language, there are other things in Brazil that leave foreigners delighted with our culture. Soccer is one of these things. We know We know that there are several idols that are playing or have already played outside of Brazil and that makes these people become interested in our country, culture and language.


Besides, what person from another country who never spoke about our Carnival? This Brazilian party is much desired by these people who have never had the opportunity to stay in our country during this period of the year and anyone who has seen does everything to see it again. That is why Portuguese is a language that touches the hearts of these people and they want to do everything to have the opportunity to learn our language experiencing our country and our culture here in Brazil.

Study portuguese in rio de janeiro


If this is your wish, go to Rio and Learn e Study portuguese in rio de janeiro. Rio and Learn is a great language school focused on teach foreign people, so it is the best way for you to learn while you are travelling in our country and it is the best option to aggregate more knowledge in your life.


Teachers are excellent and give all their attention to the students and you can feel free to ask questions and this makes the relationship very close and pleasant, making the student more relaxed in the classroom.